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Is flooding coverage included in my policy?


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Flooding happens at any time and for many different reasons. Nature can take its course, and floods can be caused from broken pipes or rain storms. However it may happen, if you encounter flooding in your home, it can be a lot of unwanted stress in your life. At this point, you may be asking yourself the question is flood damage covered by my home insurance?


The important thing you need to know is that almost always, flooding isn't insured against on general homeowner’s insurance policy. You could find sections that state information about water damage. However, if flooding occurs from acts of god, or manmade products, you are not covered. It is vital to know this information about your policy, and speak with your agent to find out ways you can insure yourself against flooding.


Way too often, people go about believing they have everything they really need, but with many claims filed in the last couple of years, people realize they are not covered the hard way. All insurance companies can get you flood insurance, it is just a matter of adding it to your premium. Flood coverage is available to add on to your policy, and is an additional increase to your premium, because of the increase in coverage.


Flooding causes many types of damage; it deals with contamination, sanitation, mould, water damage, rotting, and much more. Flooding can be frantic, if work on your policy is not done properly, it can spring a great deal of unwanted agitation in your future.


If you are not covered for flooding, contact your agent right away for the correct coverage. Inquire about what you can get added, what you cannot, and how much it will increase your premium. If you really want to protect your home and belongings, make sure you take a look at food insurance. It will give you an added sense of security, knowing you’re fully covered if a flood were to occur. You will know that you are secured and will have the ability to cope with the cost of repairs and replacements if needed.


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