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How can I get the most coverage out of my money?



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Homeowners’ insurance typically covers the loss of your personal belongings in the time of fire, theft, and other types of natural disasters. If you have to repair or replace your property that got destroyed, stolen, or damaged, your insurance policy usually will pay for all or part of the cost. If you are being sued by someone who was injured or whose property was damaged, your policy will also insure you against liability lawsuits.


Your homeowner’s insurance policy will typically cover a certain amount of that liability. Although accurate policy and coverage limitations differ, homeowner’s insurance generally covers damage that is caused by the following events/natural disasters listed below.






•Theft, including forges and fake currency


•Unauthorized use of credit cards


•Falling objects


•Ice, snow, or sleet weighing on vehicles



•Flooding due to plumbing overflow

•Freezing of plumbing

•Power surges

•Heating system malfunction

•Hot water heater burstin


You can choose the additional amount of coverage you want on your house and individual property. The premium you pay always depends on the additional coverage (if any) you choose. Despite of the policies limit, there’s always an individual limit for the replacement of higher value belongings.


These high value items will include things, such as jewellery and electronic equipment. To increase cover on certain items, you must buy an endorsement to do so. You must usually have to pay more for the items listed below.


•Higher value items (electronics, jewellery, weapons)


•Personal computers and other home-office equipment

•Hurricane, earthquake, flood and (depending on where you live)

•Business operated in the home


Take into consideration, that most coverage is a set percent for the amount of insurance on the home. For example, your content coverage in your home is 50 percent of the insurance for the home only. When you insure your home for $200,000, the personal belongings coverage is for only $100,000. For a small additional fee, you can increase coverage for your contents and still not increasing the amount of insurance you have on the home.


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