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What is the best health insurance carrier for those self employed?



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When the self-employed search for health insurance, the process can often seem futile. Health insurance carriers always have policies for the self-employed business but at a much higher rate than what a large company would receive. It may seem fruitless to run your own business with obstacles like high insurance premiums to deal with but there are ways around paying more.


The best insurance carrier for the self employed may not be the same one others use. Infuse your health insurance search with some creative planning using the following ideas, and you could see your premiums drop considerably.


Power in Numbers


The reason big companies receive lower insurance rates has to do with the number of policy holders they have and the risks they represent. The self-employed can take advantage of similar rates if they band together. Join associations and organizations for networking but also because they offer health insurance plans from well known carriers. Make sure the group you join was not created solely for insurance purposes.


Consumers Drive New Possibilities


The insurance industry is always responding to the marketplace by creating consumer driven health plans. A recent and popular plan includes a high deductible policy to cover the big expenses plus a health savings plan to handle non-covered items.




Combining policies means creating your own insurance plan. If you know your basic needs, then you are well on your way to learning how useful combining can be. Finding a major medical policy and adding supplemental insurance policies to deal with everyday medical needs can round out your health insurance plan.
Do the homework before committing to any one policy. Look further than premiums and basic health costs. Sometimes the self-employed receive deductions on their income tax through state and local governments. Be proactive and review your health insurance needs on an annual basis.


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