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How do I go about getting health insurance?


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Some type of health insurance is something that we all need. Coverage that can help take care of medical bills, or maybe reimburse you for work you have lost due to illness or injury. Insurance agencies can be particular in who they cover. Sometime insurance agencies won't cover you if you smoke, or have an existing medical problem.


When you become employed, most employers offer some type of medical insurance. Years ago, in 1996, they passed a law stating that if your employer offers insurance, you have the right to be covered by that company, regardless of any preexisting medical condition. There are pros and cons when you are dealing with employer insurance coverage.


For instance, if you change jobs, you have to change insurance companies as well, and this can mean less coverage, or higher premiums. However, the upside is your employer pays most, if not all of the premiums, and whats paid for your spouse or family members doesn't count towards your taxable income.


Sometimes, an employer does not offer any type of insurance coverage. Sometimes people become unemployed, and have to find insurance coverage on their own. There are all sorts of insurance companies out there to choose from. Question is, which one is right for you? First of all, consider the state of your health right now. Is there a medical condition that could cause the insurance company to turn you down? If so, then you need to find a company that doesn't require a check up, or physical before accepting or denying you coverage.


Also consider your budget. Some insurance companies will charge higher premiums than others, just because they can. The coverage isn't really better, but the name is more popular, so they hike up the prices. Shop around, and find what fits your individual needs.


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