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Can I get health insurance with a substance abuse problem?



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Health insurance is an essential service, but many people with substance abuse problems are afraid they will not be able to get coverage. After all, the drugs they have abused, even if the abuse was long ago, may have left them with chronic health problems. Of course, because of this, persons with substance abuse problems are the sort of people who most need health insurance, both to treat the damage left by the drugs in their system and also for the detoxification and therapy related to their current drug use. Luckily, many insurance companies have realized this need, and are willing to extend health insurance to some persons with a history of substance abuse.


It is important for anyone looking to find health insurance while suffering or recovering from a substance abuse problem to declare the problem when they apply for insurance. Many people do not do this for fear of being denied coverage, but if they do not declare it when applying for coverage, then the insurance company will declare that the substance abuse was a pre-existing condition and thus not covered by the insurance.


While the rates will be high and the insurance options will be limited, with a lot of hard work and a commitment to treating or curing the substance abuse and its effects it is possible to find health insurance.

It is important for anyone in this situation to seek help from companies which hunt down good insurance rates and programs. This is why services which request and compare quotes are important.


These services will contact a great number of insurance companies instantaneously and see if any of them will permit a person with a substance abuse problem to receive coverage. This is the quickest and best way to find coverage for substance abuse problems.


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