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Will my rates go up if a claim is filed?


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If you have ever gone to file a claim with your auto insurance carrier, you know how it feels. You are mostly afraid that your rates could go up, or even your insurer could cancel your policy. It is very hard to say what your insurance company will do when you file a claim, because every insurance company handles claims different. Some insurance carries may raise your insurance premium by a certain percentage, for every at fault claim you make.


Even if you file a claim that was not your primary fault, your auto insurance rates could still increase. The reason being is that your insurance company may offer a no claim discount, and as soon as you file a claim you will lose that discount, no matter who was at fault.


Some people think it is unfair to have your rates increase even for only one at fault claim. Well if you were in an at fault accident and your rates were to stay the same, how is that fair for someone who has a clean record to pay the same amount as someone without a clean record?


The simple fact is that if you were in an at fault accident, you have to pay a higher premium so people without any claims can have lower rates. Do not get angry if your premium does increase, because if you keep your driving record clean for a while, then your premium will go back down.


If you are in an accident, what is never an option is to go without filing a claim. If you get in an accident, always file a claim even if the damage seems minor. After all, that's the reason you pay for an insurance policy in the first place. When it involves another person or vehicle, that is when it is extremely important to file a claim. The reason being, is that the person could sue you weeks or even months later for a number of reasons.


If you did not file a claim, your insurance company may not cover you due to failure to file the claim, so do yourself a favor and file a claim every time you are in an accident. Do not be someone who does not file a claim, just because your premium might go up.


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