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Will my auto insurance cover me in a different country?



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Driving your car in another country, can be a risky thing to do unless you have done your research on your policy. Every policy is different, and you may or may not be covered outside of the united states. Generally, your policy would not include coverage outside of the united states, but you can always check in the territory section of your policy.


The best thing to do if you are going to take your car outside of the united states, is to check with your insurance agent to see what your policy covers. With a standard auto insurance policy, it may include some sections of Canada, but that may be as far as it will extend to.


If you are planning on driving in Mexico, you will not be covered by your auto insurance policy, unless you add it separate to your policy. The reason being, is that Mexico requires a Mexican add on to your policy. So the best thing to do, is before you go on your vacation, check with your agent, and then make the necessary changed to your policy to make sure you are absolutely covered.


The reason insurance companies will not have coverage extended into some parts of the world, is because it is a lot higher of a risk. Laws are different in other countries, and people in an accident may flee the scene leaving you with no one to hold responsible.


The law enforcement in some countries will not find people with hit and runs, and many people may drive around without an auto insurance policy.


So for an insurance company to automatically give you coverage in other countries is too high risk for them to do. The best possible thing for you to do, is to check with your agency and make sure you will be covered in another country.


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