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Will my auto insurance cover a friend driving my car?



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Generally, your auto insurance policy covers the vehicle and not the driver. There are some exceptions to the rule, but if your friend driving the vehicle is a licensed driver, chances are that he will be insured while driving the vehicle. So if a friend is involved in an accident, no matter who is at fault, your rates may increase, and the driver may have to pay a claim.


The best thing to do, is if you ever plan to let a friend drive your car, contact your local insurance agency, and make sure your car would still be covered. Some questions that may be asked, if your friend was involved in an accident, is did you give him or her permission to drive your car? If you did give permission, the car is most likely covered, however if you did not give permission to drive the car, the driver could be fined by the law, and required to pay for damages.


Another thing you need to make sure of, is that your policy doesn't have a exclusion for other drivers. Some policies may say specifically that other drivers are not covered on your vehicle, and if you plan to have friend drive your car, make sure that your policy allows it.


Check with your insurance agent, and make sure that your policy will cover someone else driving your vehicle, because if it does not, that could leave you in a very rough situation.


There are many circumstances that your personal auto insurance will cover you, no matter what vehicle you are in. For example, if you were driving your friends car and were involved in an accident, no matter who was a fault, your Personal Injury Policy (PIP) will cover medical expenses.


Your PIP is tied in with your auto insurance, and is there to cover injury costs, in the time of an accident. So make sure your policy will cover other people driving your car, and then make sure if your are the one driving your friends car that you have permission.


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