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Can I get in trouble for driving a car without auto insurance?



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Driving without car insurance is not only irresponsible, it is extremely illegal. There are so many reasons why you must have auto insurance, not only because it is the law, but because it makes your life much easier if you get in an accident. Even if you think you are a very save driver, the smallest misjudgment on the road can put you in an accident. Auto insurance not only protects you and your car, it will protect you against other drivers on the road.


If you get in an accident with insurance and it is your fault, your insurance will pay for the damage after you pay your deductable. So if you got in that same accident, and you were not insured, you will be responsible for damage done to the cars involved, fines and fees from law enforcement, possible medical bills for the other driver and passengers, possible damage to property, and many more expenses you would be responsible for. Basically if you cause an accident without insurance, you are responsible to pay for everything that was damaged, including fines for driving illegally.


Like anything else, you may be able to get away without having insurance for a while, but there will be a time that you really need it. If you get pulled over and you cannot provide proof of insurance, it will not be taken lightly. You will be fined and given a ticket, and in most cases you will also have to provide proof of insurance within a few days.


That is the hard way to learn that you must have auto insurance at all times, but the hardest way to learn is to be involved in an accident, without insurance. Just realize that driving without auto insurance is not only a hazard to you and others on the road, it is not worth the consequences that you will receive when you get caught.


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